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We Distribute Solar and Back-up Power for Africa

We serve Africa's best renewable energy companies - they are our only focus. We supply solar, wind and power backup equipment on a wholesale basis to more than three hundred partners in Africa. We create reliable distribution channels that help our dealers expand their markets for renewable energy and we only provide products proven in rugged African environments.


Please be advised there is a new scam going around Africa that has already affected several of our customers who lost a great amount of dollars. The scam happens where someone accesses the email of our customer, and takes control of the incoming mail. When a mail comes in with a proforma or request of transfer, the scammers will reroute the email and revise the message. They tell our customer that African Energy’s banking details have changed and request for them to make the transfer to a new bank. DO NOT do this. If you get a message from any one of our sales staff telling you that our banking details have changed, please call us immediately! African Energy has not changed our accounting details in over 10 years. Our details remain the same. NOTE this scam has happened to our customers for other vendors as well, not just African Energy. We have had customers affected by the scam from Nigeria to Kenya. Please be careful!

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Over the years, we have imported almost everything we resale, in East Africa from African Energy, so it’s a one stop shopping centre, based on a team of the most thoughtful and knowledgeable professionals in the Renewable Energy Market, who have got a passion for quality, on time delivery, technical support and commitment to warranty. We wholeheartedly recommend African Energy.

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