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Yes,  if the Support Mode is selected.

If Support Mode is active and ac loads exceeds the input current set point the inverter will

  1. back off on charging
  2. reduce the charge rate to zero
  3. draw current from the batteries to support loads

The above actions are load dependent.

If Support mode is active it interacts with any Ac source be it grid or generator.

Because it can be used with grid or generator it is labeled INPUT SUPPORT.

The target used to trigger Support Mode is the ac input amps setting.

A couple of clarifications, offset is not a settable mode.  It is a feature built into the inverter.  Offset operates on 4 voltages, Absorb, Float, Equalize and the Sell RE set points. How it operates depends on the individual voltage set points between devices (inverters and FM charge controllers). Let’s consider a typical charging set point for an AGM battery. Typical Absorb value could vary from 57.6 to 59.6. If the inverter is set to 57.6 and the charge controllers (or external source) are set to 59.6. During a bulk cycle both sources will contribute to the charge of the battery. Once the inverters absorb value is reached 57.7 current flow into the battery is reduced. If the FM units have sufficient energy and attempt to reach their Absorb value of 59.6, charging from the grid is reduced to zero as long as its absorb value is maintained. Not only will charging from the inverter be reduced (possibly to zero). The inverter will do everything possible to maintain its absorb set point. If grid tied it will use excess pv to run the loads or even sell back to the grid. The inverter job is to maintain its voltage target be it the Absorb, Float, Equalize or the Sell Re set point. If a cloud passes by and solar harvest is reduced the inverter will use the grid to maintain the target voltage.

As with all our inverters the incoming ac is used to run the loads and provide charging.

What happens next depends on the voltage set points of the individual devices.

If the charge controllers set point is above the inverters set point and the inverters setpoint is maintained any additional PV power will be used to power the loads.

As with all our inverters the incoming ac is used to run the loads and provide charging.The idea is to use PV or renewable source first and use the grid as a last resort. Offset uses the Absorb, Float, Eq and sell Re points as the targets.

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